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IMG Specialists LLC.

IMG Specialists LLC is a boutique, residency application review service that provides exceptional support to International Medical Graduates (IMGs) seeking residency and fellowship training positions.   A complete set of services including resume and personal statement review, ERAS application support as well as mock interviews are offered to help you put forward the best impression possible. 


I know how hard you've worked to get here.

I know how much it means to get matched to a residency spot in the US. 


I understand the importance of a professional application - one that sets you apart instead of diminishing your accomplishments -- and know how to ensure yours does this for you. 

I've vetted thousands of ERAS applications and edited hundreds of individual personal statements.


I've interviewed residency applicants for over twenty years and know how to help you stand out and avoid mistakes you can't afford to make. 

Above all else,  I would love to help you shine. 


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Dr. Miriam Parker is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician who has spent her entire career spanning over 25 years in Graduate Medical Education.  She has served as both a Program Director and a Designated Institutional Official and brings a keen understanding of the residency application and recruitment process from these roles. 


During her years of service to the GME community, she has interviewed thousands of IMG residency applicants and has been responsible for review of countless ERAS applications.  She has a particular interest in helping each candidate shine during their interview and ensuring that every personal statement  tells a unique story.  Dr. Parker has worked tirelessly with her own residents and medical students to ensure that their applications for residency and fellowship are polished, professional and have a distinctive voice.   



Her signature strengths include writing excellence, compassion for those she assists and a well-defined sense of purpose.  She is a Certified Interview Coach (CIC) and Student Career Coach (CSCC), holds additional credentials as an executive and well-being/resiliency coach and has been recognized for her strong mentorship and leadership skills.  

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