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It's been over a month since I opened my virtual doors at IMG Specialists and invited you to work with me. Entering the entrepreneurial world and serving a host of wonderful clients has been an incredibly enriching experience for me. I have been repeatedly reminded of the difficulty of your individual journeys - the stories of personal sacrifice and the often circuitous paths taken to get to where you are today, your resilience and grit always present.

It has been my intention to give each of you the time and attention that you rightfully deserve so that you can uplevel your interview performance. I understand that these are extremely high-stakes interviews, particularly for those of you who may only have been granted a single opportunity. We have worked hard together examining your interview responses and digging for stories that are rich and memorable. For my efforts, I have already been rewarded many times over. Most of you have told me you went into your subsequent interviews with increased confidence and left much more comfortable with your performance. One of my clients was given a pre-match offer after an interview which occurred only days after his coaching session - a real cause for celebration! And I feel certain that there will be many more positive outcomes between now and the match. I have been uplifted by your 5-star reviews and the comments posted on the website via Fera, an independent ratings collector and cannot thank you enough.

While I am your guide, you are the ones who must do the introspective work that comes after a mock-interview to refine your responses and, not infrequently, return to the the drawing board (or more appropriately the "story board") to rethink how you might answer a question in a more insightful and memorable fashion. The credit truly belongs to you.

So, with a full heart and feeling of abundance on the day after Thanksgiving, I am sending thanks to all of you for trusting me with your personal journeys in the hope of realizing your long-awaited dreams. And, to my dearest graduates without whose support this would never have happened in this miraculous fashion, my deepest gratitude.

With gratitude,


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meron lechmao
meron lechmao
Dec 06, 2023

I am very grateful to Dr. Parker for the invaluable advice and guidance she provided me. She helped me identify my strengths and showcase them to my interviewers. She made the mock interview a memorable and enjoyable learning experience. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is before the real deal. As an IMG, I found her insights from her extensive experience very helpful and relevant.


Thank you for all you do

To those who have yet to benefit from her services, I’d like to say, don’t walk but run to get her assistance.

Dr. Parker is a highly experienced and dedicated physician, particularly in the area of residency and fellowship application processes. Her long-standing role as Program Director provides her with valuable insights into what is desirable for applicants. Additionally, her commitment to understanding each person's background allows her to provide personalized support. It's great to have someone like her who goes the extra mile to help residents and fellows succeed.


Dr. Parker, a trusted mentor and advisor, is the ultimate professional to provide a foreign graduate with invaluable input and a fresh perspective during the interview season. With vast experience training international graduates of varied backgrounds and personalities, Dr. Parker can offer valuable insights into what program directors seek when recruiting residents.


Wendwesen Lemma
Wendwesen Lemma
Nov 25, 2023

I would like to thank you for your unreserved mentorship and feedback Dr. Parker.

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